About Jim

Professional trumpet and flugelhorn player Jim Bohm was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and now resides in Leesburg, FL. Jim is a versatile musician who thrives on interaction and ensemble playing as well as solo work. Jim plays with a beautiful, open tone, and melody and phrasing are the center point of his playing. Jim prides himself on his top-notch professionalism, from timeliness, to preparation, to excelling in the gig or studio situation, to presenting and conducting himself in a professional manner.

Jim is a very versatile performer, with a strong skill set in everything from orchestral playing to big band and beyond. Jim is a union musician who has played in a variety of contexts, from his own soul jazz project, to pop orchestral with the esteemed Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. As a union musician, Jim has worked as a sideman with international artists such as Gino Vanelli, Frankie Valli, Aretha Franklin, The Temptations and Four Tops, as well as numerous touring Broadway musicals at Shea’s Buffalo Theater. Jim has also utilized his strong reading skills to do cruise ship work as a member of the orchestra on several different Royal Caribbean ships. Jim is very assessable and available, and enjoys taking on a variety of gigs.

As an educator, Jim taught public school music at the elementary, middle and high school level, as well as having been a private instructor for many college and adult students as well. Jim is a master teacher, excelling at helping student move to “the next level” in their playing. By having a strong performance skill set, Jim is able to set a great example for his students in all areas of trumpet playing.

Jim is also an artist and factory direct dealer for the CarolBrass brand of trumpets, flugelhorns, and trombones, and proudly plays and sells their instruments! Jim will soon be releasing his first soul jazz single JB’s Groove. This original soul jazz single was recorded in Jim’s hometown of Buffalo, NY. JB’s Groove is a melodic, soulful and rhythmic song which features Jim playing on his CarolBrass flugelhorn.

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